About #yourloveproject

This photo blog project started in 2008 when I was in San Francisco. I was sitting in Union Square wondering if I could actually move to this city and I noticed something moving on the branches of a tree. I walked up to it and peered past the beautiful blooms and noticed two hand written messages tied to a branch (see below). It was meaningful to me at the time, and from that day on, I began photo-documenting love. I noticed love showing up in daily life by way of objects, art, food, words and people and compiled a collection of images.

In 2008, while talking to friends in Mexico City about the photos, Kelly suggested that I turn it into a project and photograph love where ever I am in the world. So I did, and began posting photos on FB. My FB friends started to send me photos to add to the album. Since then, the album “yourloveproject” has dozens of contributors presenting photos of love from Argentina, Cambodia, Canada, Colombia, China (中國), Italia, India, Japan (日本)Mexico, Philippine Islands, South Korea, Taiwan (台灣), Thailand, multiple cities in the United States and more.

The photos shared by others have been my favorite, in part because they are beautiful photos, but also because of the shared joy it brought to see love show up everywhere all the time. People noticed love more and wanted to share it and share in it. I have often thought how wonderful it would be if I could share this with others, not only my FB friends.

For many reasons, I have decided to leave FB but I didn’t want the yourloveproject to disappear. Although this method of sharing is different and requires that I approve all content, I am committed to continuing yourloveproject. I welcome you to post your photos via comments or by sending them to me.

The project reminds me to look around more, look closely, see differently and I find that love is all around us. It is my hope that the project reminds you of what is intended for you.

Thank you to all the contributors.