Information about Services
In my work with all people, I use an intercultural lens which not only takes into consideration all aspects of your identity, but also the context(s) in which you have lived. My work is embedded in an integrative approach combining the science of psychology with the art of therapy. The science helps us understand the connection between our brain, body and emotions and how our past, present and future were/are impacted. The art of therapy is taking this knowledge and using it to come closer to our desired life experiences.

The length and structure of therapy will vary from person to person. Some people  seek therapy to work on one specific issue — for example, stress in their workplace or recovering psychologically from a car accident. In this scenario, therapy can be brief and focused. Others may seek therapy to address multiple concerns, such as family relationships, romantic relationship, fearfulness and lack of trust, low self-esteem, or a history of depression. In this case, therapy can be ongoing and exploratory. Naturally, how we work together will be openly discussed and decided according to what is most appropriate for your therapy goals.

Therapy services are available for individuals via secure video chat if appropriate. However, not all clients are recommended to use video chat to receive therapeutic services (more on this here.).

For those who are looking for specific types of treatment, here are some examples of therapeutic models I use: Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), Prolonged Exposure (PE), Eye-Movement Desensitization Reprocessing Therapy (EMDR), Interpersonal Neurobiology techniques (IPNB), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Unified Protocol (UP). The model(s) of therapy used in our work will be determined after discussing the your interests, complaints, and goals. Ultimately, I strive for shared decision making with people so that therapy is a collaborative journey.

Areas of Interest

  • Trauma and PTSD (sexual violence, natural disasters, accidents, intergenerational trauma, etc.)
  • Career and Workplace Concerns
  • Global Nomad/Third Culture Kids Concerns
  • Relationship Concerns (partner/romantic, family, work)
  • Expatriate and Immigrant Adjustment (culture shock, re-entry shock)
  • International Student Concerns
  • Identity Concerns (racial, ethnic, class, differently-abled, sexual orientation)
  • Depression and/or Anxiety
  • Spiritual Concerns
  • Major Life Transitions (termination of relationships, divorce, moving, death/grief/loss)
  • Sexuality Concerns

Fees and Appointments

My fees match the market rate for psychologists in the locations where I am licensed (Washington D.C. & State of California).

I also offer some low-cost/pro bono therapy for individuals who are unemployed or underemployed. Please contact me for more information.

I am also part of the therapist network for Grow Restored Foundation who provides scholarships to folks who need support supplementing the cost of therapy.

All cancellations need to be made 24 hours prior to the appointment time or the full fee will be charged.

I am not affiliated with any health insurance panels nor do I bill insurance companies directly. This enables you to have the therapy experience that is best for you, and not one that is dictated by managed care.

I can provide a “superbill” for our sessions if you’d like to seek reimbursement from your health insurance company.

Mental has helpful information regarding mental health insurance coverage.

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