As an integrative therapist, I seek to gain an accurate understanding of each individual by learning about their history and relationships and how they experience life in the present. In so doing, I strive to tailor therapy in a way that will resonate with them. I work from a trauma-informed lens and specialize in helping people move through their adverse life events and/or traumatic event(s) and into a more desired life experience. In addition, I am experienced at helping people work through depression, anxiety, identity concerns, intercultural and diversity concerns, adjustment, culture-shock/re-entry shock concerns, grief, and difficult life transitions.

My training was based in humanistic-existential psychology and systems theory.  Over the years, I have developed a passion for interpersonal neurobiology and attachment theory.  I believe the combination of these elements has helped me view individuals as their own unique system (physical health, identit[ies], perceptions of ourselves and the world) and experiences (thoughts, feelings, behaviors, sensations and memories). It also helps to understand the other systems with which the individual is interacting (e.g. workplace, school, country, political environment, etc.) and the people in those systems. Having a multidimensional view of the people I work with gives us the opportunity to engage in the therapy process from a holistic perspective.

Aside from working in private practice, I have worked in multiple university counseling center settings as a psychologist serving students and consulting with campus community members. I have also worked for a government agency serving volunteers posted overseas in additional to consulting with host country staff and leadership. I have also served outside of the U.S. as an adjunct professor, trainer/facilitator, short-term immersion program consultant, and a therapist.

As a psychologist licensed in both the State of California and Washington, D.C., I provide in-person and teletherapy services to both CA and DC residents. I also enjoy working with people living outside of the U.S. and have experience providing therapy in Mandarin.

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Pronouns: she/her/hers

Jennifer T. Young | Licensed Psychologist