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Professional Presentations

Young, Jennifer T. & Platt, Jason J. “Rethinking identity: Globalization and technology.” International Congress of Psychology. Pacifico Yokohama, Yokohama, Japan, July 2016. Oral Presentation.

Trinh, Nancy, Tsong, Yuying, Vartanian, Crystal, & Young, Jennifer. “Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Programs: Do they work?” The Center for Dignity, Recovery, and Empowerment, Tools for Change Conference.  Hilton San Francisco, San Francisco, California. March, 2014. Poster presentation.

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Dissertation Committees

California State University Long Beach – Long Beach, CA
Master’s Thesis Committee Member
Student Development in Higher Education (SDHE) – Candidate Jane Duong

Pepperdine University – Los Angeles, CA
Dissertation Committee Member
Doctoral Candidate Amy Kim, M.A.
A critical analysis of the literature on the self within a multicultural context.